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Our Services

Dr. Wigal treating patientAt Wigal Orthodontics, we’re able to offer the specialized care that you simply can’t get with your family dentist. While many local dental offices are happy to just give you braces, our practice is dedicated to providing more personalized solutions specially designed for each individual’s smile. Whether you have a child that needs braces or you’re an adult that’s interested in Invisalign, Dr. Timothy Wigal will be able to formulate a treatment plan that always provides the most benefits when it comes to both aesthetics AND function. Below, you can read a brief overview of some of the treatments we provide.

Young woman with blue and red brackets

Traditional Braces

Whether teeth need to be straightened, the jaw needs to be aligned, or both, traditional metal braces are still, after all these years, the most trusted and reliable orthodontic treatment available today. They are able to fix a wide variety of orthodontic issues, and they’re also the most durable and cost-effective option. Thankfully, they have changed with the times, so now traditional braces are much smaller and sleeker than ones from the past.

Woman with clear ceramic braces

Clear/Ceramic Braces

Clear/ceramic braces work just like traditional braces, using brackets and wires, but with one major difference: the brackets are made of a translucent ceramic material. The wires and elastics are also made of a tooth-colored material, and together they provide a much more subtle, but still effective, solution compared to regular braces. They are perfect for adults and self-conscious teens alike who want a reliable treatment while still preserving their day to day appearance.

Young girl with straight healthy smile

Phase 1 Orthodontics

Phase 1 Orthodontics can be used to straighten a child’s baby teeth and ensure that their permanent teeth come in (relatively) straight. The alignment of the baby teeth has a direct effect on how the permanent/adult teeth come in, and with this early treatment, we can correct orthodontic issues and save your child from having to get more involved (and potentially expensive) treatments in the future. Phase 1 Orthodontics can also be used to improve a child’s chewing, speaking, and breathing function as well.

Woman with straight beautiful smile

Invisalign Clear Braces

If you’re looking to get a straighter smile and have no one notice that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, then Invisalign is exactly what you’re looking for. Instead of brackets and wires, it uses a series of nearly invisible clear plastic aligners to gently straighten the teeth. Even better, they trays are also easily removable, meaning you can take them out whenever you need to eat or brush. With Invisalign, you get the best when it comes to appearance, effectiveness, and convenience all with one treatment.

Female patient with flawless smile

Orthodontic Appliances

Orthodontic appliances can be used with a braces treatment or on their own to address a variety of orthodontic issues. The one you’re probably most familiar with is a retainer, which is typically used to maintain a person’s teeth alignment after they have completed a braces treatment. We can also utilize something called an expander, which can gently widen a patient’s hard palate in order to alleviate crowding as well as improve their speaking and breaking function.

Young boy and girl with straight teeth

Orthodontic Emergencies

If you or your child experience any problems with an orthodontic appliance, whether it be pain or something being damaged, our practice is always happy to help. If you have an orthodontic emergency please be sure to call us. You can always trust us to be there right when you need us the most!

Learn More About Orthodontic Emergencies