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Life After Braces

Getting Used to Your New Smile

Man enjoying life after braces in Newark If you’re nearing the end of your orthodontic treatment, you’re probably incredibly anxious to see your smile when it’s metal-free. Getting your braces off will be exciting, but there are some factors you need to be aware of for life after braces in Newark. That’s why we’ve included some information for what you can expect once your braces are off! Keep reading to satisfy your curiosity and learn more about your next steps after achieving a straight smile.

Woman smiling with blue braces and ponytail

Your Last Braces Appointment

At your second to last appointment, you’ll be given a notice of when to come in to get your braces off. It will take about an hour to take your braces off, but it will be painless. You may experience some pressure because we will use pliers to remove each bracket. After cleaning the glue off your smile, we will take impressions of your newly straighten teeth, which are used for the creation of your retainer. While you will come in for another visit after you’ve worn your retainer for a period, your braces treatment will be concluded.

Woman wearing glasses smiling in collared shirt

What to Expect from Braces-Free Teeth

You won’t experience discomfort once your braces come off, but you may have some slight soreness wen getting used to your retainer. However, just like the soreness you felt after getting your braces adjusted, this will wear off. It may feel strange to not have your braces on, so it will take some time for you to stop running your tongue over your teeth to feel them. Additionally, you may experience some tooth sensitivity, which can be managed by using fluoridated toothpaste and watching out for extra hard, crunchy, or sugary foods. It’s also normal to have white spots or discoloration, which can be treated with teeth whitening and a good at-home oral healthcare routine!

Closeup of an orange retainer

Life with a Retainer

Once your braces have been taken off by your orthodontist in Newark, the last thing you’ll want to do is put more wires in your mouth, but retainers are incredibly important. They keep your smile in your desired position to protect your investment and ensure your treatment is successful. It will take a few days to adjust to your retainer, and you should wear it whenever you’re not brushing/flossing or eating. Be sure that you’re always bringing your retainer case with you, paying close attention not to leave it behind when you take it out to eat. After a period of wear, you’ll be able to switch to only nighttime use. Eventually, you may not even have to wear it at all.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our office today to learn more!