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How to Choose the Best Orthodontist

Choosing an orthodontist in Newark, OH is a big decision -- and with so many options, it can be overwhelming for sure. It is easier to pick the right team when you know just what to look for, so we have compiled a list of the important features of every great orthodontist. Keep reading for the steps that will help you decide, including location, credentials, reviews, and more.

#1: Conveniently Located

attractive smile with braces

While it may seem like a secondary consideration compared to all the other important concerns you may have, the office’s location is very important when you are choosing an orthodontist. You or your child will need to attend regular appointments throughout the treatment, sometimes as frequently as every four weeks. That is a lot of running back and forth between school, home, or work -- so choosing an orthodontist that is centrally located will make your life a lot easier in the long run.

Wigal Orthodontics is situated conveniently in Heath on Industrial Parkway and in Mt. Vernon on Coshocton Ave, so you can feel free to choose the office that suits your and your loved ones’ needs best. Both offices are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm every day during the week, so you can even swing by before work if needed.

#2: Experienced

smiling girl with braces

Of course, it almost goes without saying that you want to make sure the orthodontist you select is highly experienced in what they do. You can usually find out about a specialist’s professional history, including where they studied and completed their residency, in the “About the Dentist” section of their website (or by calling the office directly to inquire). Also important is continuing education, which offers dentists and specialists the ability to stay engaged and attuned to the latest developments and advances in the field.

At Wigal Orthodontics, Dr. Timothy G. Wigal are highly trained and experienced in providing excellent orthodontic care for patients dealing with a variety of alignment issues. Dr. Wigal graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of West Virginia and then finished the University of West Virginia School of Dentistry with the highest honors and is passionate about building straight, beautiful smiles for patients of Wigal Orthodontics.

#3: Excellent Reviews

woman with braces

These days, online reviews make it easier than ever to find out what current and prior patients have to say about their experience with any doctor or dentist. Take some time to read any prospective orthodontist’s Google, Facebook, Yelp!, and Birdeye reviews to get a great idea of what people have to say. Wigal Orthodontics is pleased to have a number of excellent write-ups for you to read through.

While you are perusing online reviews, keep in mind that you may want to read them with a grain of salt. One or two outlier reviews is usually not indicative of the practice as a whole. If you do come across something that seems less-than-positive, take note of how the orthodontist responds -- and always go with the consensus. If the vast majority of reviews are glowing, that tells you what you need to know.

#4: Just Feels Right

girl looking at braces in the mirror

Your intuition speaks a lot when you are looking for an orthodontist to treat your or your child’s misaligned bite. It’s worth it to take some time to visit the office beforehand -- like maybe in a consultation or just a brief walk-through. Take note of how you feel during this appointment. If the team makes you feel welcome and free to ask any questions you may have, that’s a great sign. You may have just found your new orthodontist!

The Wigal Orthodontics offices are state-of-the-art, but they are never dull or lifeless. We make it a point to cultivate environments that feel more like you are stepping into a friend’s living room rather than the orthodontist’s. With modern, high-tech tools combined with all the comforts of home, visiting Wigal Orthodontics is truly an experience unlike any other.

#5: Case Studies

invisalign aligners

During a consultation or first meeting, you can ask a prospective orthodontist to provide photographic illustrations of their best cases. This can give you a good idea of what to expect during treatment with braces or any other orthodontic method. You also may be able to find some of these on the orthodontist’s website -- we feature our online Smile Gallery, for example. That is where we feature the excellent work that takes place each and every day at Wigal Orthodontics. See for yourself what’s possible when you visit the Newark, OH orthodontist your friends and neighbors trust.

#6: Accepts Dental Insurance

group of happy kids

Did you know that most dental insurance plans usually cover at least a portion of the cost of braces? That includes clear braces options like Invisalign, too. Choosing an orthodontist who accepts your dental insurance and is prepared to work hand-in-hand with you to maximize your benefits is important because it will help to ensure that your investment does not go to waste. Call to find out if your prospective orthodontist takes your insurance or will file and process your claim. At Wigal Orthodontics, we accept dental insurance and also offer significant support to ensure that you know just what you are covered for under your plan. Because sometimes, just knowing what’s what with your insurance can make all the difference.

For patients who are not covered by dental insurance, we also work with CareCredit financing, which helps you make payments at the pace that fits your family’s budget best.

...Leads You Right to Wigal Orthodontics!

We are pretty sure that, keeping all these things in mind, you’ll end up right at the doorstep of Wigal Orthodontics. Here, our experienced doctors provide excellent care -- and they have the reviews and case studies to prove it. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation for you or someone you love, we invite you to contact our Heath or Mt. Vernon office today!