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The Best Time for Your Child to Visit Your Orthodontist in Newark OH?

September 11, 2018

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little girl wearing braces smilingYour child’s primary teeth seem to be growing in just fine, so why should you even consider taking them in for a visit to your orthodontist in Newark, OH? The reason is to prevent serious problems from fully developing that may not be detectable without the examination of an expert. Thus, you’re able to get your child off to the best oral health start possible.

Why an Orthodontic Visit is Important

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, you should take your child for his or her first orthodontic visit no later than age 7. Since the teeth are still early in their development, this is a great time to spot issues like an overbite, crowding or other forms of malocclusion.

In the long-run, this can save you time and money and prevents unnecessary suffering for your little one. That means no complicated surgeries or extractions.

Other Benefits of an Early Visit

By taking your child in early for a visit, here are some of the things that can be accomplished:

  • Aesthetic improvements
  • Improved positioning of the lips
  • Guided and healthy jaw growth
  • Correction of harmful oral habits
  • Lower risk of trauma to teeth with overbite

The Importance of Confidence for Children

With the growth of social media, children are becoming more conscious of their appearances at younger ages. That means that they may be subjected to greater peer scrutiny about the appearance of their teeth.

An early visit to your orthodontist to have your child fitted with braces in Newark, OH to correct bite problems means they’ll spend a greater portion of their school-age years with increased confidence. And when your child is happier, it makes your life as a parent more enjoyable as well.

Several Options Available

When you take your child in for a visit, if his or her teeth need correction, there are several options available. One method designed specifically for younger children is Phase 1 Pediatric Orthodontic treatment. It’s used for children who only have their baby teeth and involves your orthodontist straightening them to assist in proper jaw development and to encourage the permanent teeth to come in correctly.

To learn more about how your child can benefit from orthodontics, contact your local orthodontist to schedule a visit today.

About the Author

Dr. Timothy G. Wigal earned his dental degree from the West Virginia School of Dentistry and later went on to receive a certificate of specialty in orthodontics. Throughout his career, he’s been steadfast in his efforts to broaden his knowledge and further hone his skills, which is why he maintains membership in several professional organizations like the American Association of Orthodontics. Dr. Wigal takes pride in helping improve the health of his patients’ jaws and teeth at Wigal Orthodontics, and he can be reached for more information through his website.

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