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Why Do I Need Braces

Wigal Orthodontics is proud to be your premiere orthodontic provider in and around the Heath and Mount Vernon, OH areas. We offer a wide array of orthodontic treatments, ranging from braces to Invisalign. Whether the braces are needed for early treatment or for someone at a later age, there’s generally some hesitance when thinking about having to wear them. However, if you look at some of the benefits they offer, orthodontics is clearly worth the cost and time. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider asking your Dr. Wigal about braces at your next appointment.

Improved Appearance

The most widely sought after reason for wearing braces is to obtain a perfectly straight smile. Having a great smile can not only make someone look better, but feel better as well. An improved appearance generally leads to greater self-esteem, which can have a major positive impact on every aspect in a person’s daily life.

Having straight teeth isn’t just beneficial because they look more attractive; straight teeth are actually much easier to clean. When teeth are in proper alignment, they leave little room for food particles to get trapped in. Improper tooth alignment can make certain teeth more vulnerable to injury and even lead to gum and soft tissue recession (a contributor to periodontal disease).

Proper Oral Function

If you have jaw discrepancy problems, orthodontics is one of the most comprehensive and non-invasive ways you can treat it. Over time, jaw muscles and joints will adapt to bad teeth positioning in order to maximize chewing effectiveness. Over time, this will damage the joints in your jaw. Having teeth in alignment can restore a jaw to its proper position. This will offer a wide variety of benefits, ranging from healing jaw and chewing pain to even curbing sleep disorders!

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If you or a family member is considering braces and would like to have a consultation with us, you can schedule an appointment through our appointment request page. If you have any questions about braces or early treatment, please feel free to contact us online or by phone. You can reach us at our Heath office at (740) 281-0445 or our Mount Vernon office at (740) 397-2111. We look forward to seeing you!